Pedigree Am.Ch.Shannon Classicwon.


Ch.Wee Chin Harry Potter(rom) Ch.Classic's Texas Tuxedo Ch.Acceber's Tennessee Tuxedo


Ch.Fran-Oak'sBriarhill Hoshi (rom)
Ch.Seamist Orient Delite O'Jeni(dod)
Ch.Touche's Maggie Mae O Classic(rom)


Ch.Susho Go Hakujuen (rom)
Lakeview's Penlope (dod)
Touche's Artistic Flair Ch.Tosaho Performing Art


Am.Eng.CH.Magic Dragon of Apoco Deodar (sod)
Ch.Tosaho Japana

Phantasy TInker Bell

Phantasy Heriogant Prince
Touche's Southern Belle
Ch.Odessa's Kuchiku Ch.Odessa's Hutzul Ch.Touche's Regency I 'm Your Man


Ch.Glendyke Mack The Knife
Ch.Tenshi Solitair
Ch.Touches's Balalyka of Odessa


Ch.Tosaho PS I Love You
Touche's Princess Zoe (rom)
Odessa's Chinchilla Odessa's Kiril


Ch.Touche's Tux N Ty
Ch.Touche's Honeycrest Hellapoppin
Touche's Okaruna of Odessa


Ch.Acceber's Tennessee Tuxedo(sod)
Touche's Like a Virgin