Puppies/Adults Available

We occassionally have puppies available to loving and permanent homes and all homes must have a garden - Also below is our terms of contract and should not wish to sign this you will not be taking one of our dogs home with you  along with some other information you should consider before taking on any breed of dog - The contract of sale is to safeguard where are dogs end up and so we can also assist you if you have any problems later on down the line.

              We Currently Have no  Puppys  Available



             Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer Policy

Please read below all the information provided - should you agree with this then please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.




Please read all of this information below before contacting us including our policy and disclaimer before enquiring if you are happy to sign a contract of sale and are happy with the policy and disclaimer then feel free to contact us.


Our Requirements


*We will only sell to homes that have a garden for the dog to exercise and play in and we will require your address before you visit so we can check this along with proof of address when you come to collect the dog so we can activate the dogs microchip and insurance (as we know people can give false information)

*All our puppies are bred for quality, health, type and temperament.

*All our puppies are sold as family pets and will have their Kennel Club Registrations endorsed if any puppy is sold without Kennel Club registrations for any reason this will be stated at time of contact as to why and will be on the contract of sale

*All are lovingly home reared and mothers and fathers (unless an outside stud is used) can be seen along with other generations.

*Each puppy will come with a comprehensive diet/information sheet a puppy pack of food and a lifetime of support and help when required.

*All puppies under the age of 12 months will come with 4 weeks health insurance

*All our puppies are microchipped before leaving.

*You will need to bring a collar and lead to take your puppy home - if you do not have one you can look at the doggie accessory page to see if you would like to purchase one from me


 Our Policy and Disclaimer


What you should know about purchasing a puppy:


While it is our aim to please everyone we send our puppies to, we feel we must make potential buyers aware that purchasing any puppy or dog has certain problems that are difficult to ignore.  If you purchase a puppy or dog from any breeder, including us then you must take full responsibility for it.




*All our puppies are sold as family pets and will have their Kennel Club Registration papers endorsed.  These restrictions are to protect the welfare of the puppy but we may consider lifting this as the breeders once we have spoken with the new owner of the dog concerned if we feel the dog is or suitable quality and health to be bred from at a later stage.

*We will never use the term show/breeding quality on any pup or even an adult dog as this cannot be guaranteed even on good bloodlines and we ask potential buyers to appreciate this. 

*We cannot and will not guarantee that the dog will win in the show ring or be good breeding stock in the future.  We feel that such promises cannot be accurately made on any dog regardless of age or breeding, and we will refuse to send our puppies or dogs to people who want us to make such claims. 

*Please bear in mind, just as with some judges and owners, what we like may not be what you like.  Also what we may or any other breeder may win does not mean you will win with the same dog or any other dog

*We have found that some buyers want to argue our fees (saying oh so and so dogs are this price) if you do not want to pay our fees you do not have to buy one of our dogs we have also had people who do not want to sign the contract of sale if you do not want to sign this again you do not have to purchase one of our dogs.


Health Issues


*We try to ensure that any of our dogs that we may breed from or any dogs that we go to for outside studs are of suitable breed type for soundness, confirmation and temperament and show no signs of any hereditary diseases.

*ALL our puppies do not leave us without a health check carried out and have either had their first vaccination or are fully vaccinated (depending on what age they are when they leave us), wormed and flea treated.  We cannot however be held responsible for the future health and well being of any puppy or dogs, so insurance is advised. 

*The well being of our dogs are our first and foremost concern here at Von Reifra.  We wish to place them in loving and suitable homes, and we do our best to ensure that we give you the full facts that you need, in order to make an educated and well informed purchase.