Great Titles that our dogs did get . we are very proud of those dogs.

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Django Outlaw von Reifra. World Champion  2003-European Winner  2003-Luxembourg Champion,

VDH.Bundes Sieger 2003,-Austria Bundes Sieger 2003-,German Year Winner 2003.

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Red Magic von Reifra, did win European Winner 1999-VDH Europa Sieger  2001,Bundes Sieger 2001,Bundes Sieger 2001-Tulln,Winner Amsterdam 2001-and much more. please look at his site.

Black Beauty von Reifra did win VDH Europa Sieger 2001,Bundes Sieger 2001,Winner Amsterdam 2001,Belgian Winster 2001.-----Award Winster Belgian Club 2001.Award Winster Dutch Club fur den best show bitch out of own breed 2000 and 2001.Year Winster 2001     Germany.Belgian Luxembourg.Dutch Internat.Ch.

Jumping Star von Reifra did win Junior Winster Amsterdam 2001,Junior Year Winster 2001-Germany,Belgian Junior Winster 2001--Award Winster best junior bitch Belgian Club 2001.German-VDH-Luxembourg-ICC-Belgian -Dutch-Internat. Ch.


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