Males are tested by the Meulensteeg Method  for Patella Luxatie.

All 0-0


  Multi Ch.Randalets Kaika Nippon.           


  Multi Ch  Randalets Imperial Dragon.           German and VDH Ch.Cirman Family Mc.Donald.

   Multi Ch.James no Chasen.               Chango Macho von Reifra.  



     Lovely Von Reifra Chins living with others:

We call him Junior a other son of Magic.Multi.Ch.Valentino Magic von Reifra.     German Ch.Ethan von Reifra.IC.Sieger

   Multi.Ch.Milargo von Reifra                         Gilroy von Reifra


  Randalets Great Mikado.                      


Click the Photo for the Pedigree and more.(Multi Ch.means more then 5 big titels.)

Father- Mekuja's Samurai-German.Ch.-VDH Europe Sieger 1993- -ICC Sieger.

Mother -Gravin Gwendolyne von Reifra-German Ch.

Breeder R.Janssen-Spits---Owner I.Bragimov.

Russia Ch.Mitsu Bishi von Reifra

Father -Multi Ch.Finchfield Shuzo

Mother-Combi's Little Tina.

Breeder R.Janssen-Spits

Owner I .Bragimov.